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In late 2011, Foodie Entrepreneur Dominic Sorenson turned what began as a substandard batch of ordinary pepper jelly into a wonderful new sauce he called Everidae (Every-day) Sauce. It's addicting flavor spread across Michigan and spawned the creation of his pepper-centric company aptly named Scoville Farms.

"We all know big company doesn't always translate to big flavor. As a small business owner, passionate entrepreneur, and life-long pepper fan, I am dedicated to making the very best spicy products I can, period. This means an unwavering commitment to flavor and quality every time, without exception. Let's make food better...together."
-Dominic Sorenson


From Eggs Benedict to Cream Cheese on Bagels, the sweet heat of Everidae Sweet Habanero Sauce can liven up any breakfast and get you moving when you need it the most. Pour generously over scrambled eggs & toast, fold into omelets, even glaze over chicken & waffles for a boost of flavor fast!


Lunches lacking? Everidae Sweet Habanero Sauce can be the ideal dipping sauce for your daytime snacking. Mix with ranch dressing to get sweet & spicy Everidae Ranch for pretzels, veggies and salads. You’ll be the talk at the table as you take your lunch to the next level of awesome. You bring the sauce, we’ll bring the flavor.


Whether dipping, dripping, glazing or braising, Everidae Sweet Habanero Sauce is your key to more magnificent meals. Glaze over ribs, rub over pork, spread over pizza or pasta, mix with manicotti, and shake with shrimp. Need a twist on a classic? Just mix with any sauce to get that sweet heat you’ve been craving.


The Sweet Heat of Everidae Sauce

"With Everidae Sauce, we set out to create a Habanero sauce like no other. A sweet & spicy sauce that both die-hard hot heads and spice-phobic newbies would enjoy. A sauce with unmatched versatility and flavor. The result is amazing! Forget hot sauce, forget salsa, get ready for the very best in spicy alternative condiments. We start with whole fresh Habanero peppers, add fresh all natural ingredients and end up with a sweet and spicy sauce that's greater than the sum of its parts. Enjoy over eggs, pizza, pasta, chicken, pork, burgers, fish, soups, sauces, cheese and more! Whether dipping, dripping, glazing or braising, you can use Everidae to make food better...every day."

Everidae Sauce contains only gluten-free ingredients, no artificial flavorings, colorings or preservatives.


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Recipes & Suggestions

Make Food Better...Everidae

At Scoville Farms, we love peppers...a lot. We love to buy them, we love to eat them, but most of all we love to share them. From fresh to dried, sweet to spicy, peppers are one of the most versatile fruits on the planet...and we think that's awesome. From drinks to desserts Everidae recipes can help you get the most out of your sauce. Suggest a use or share a recipe, and together we can make food better.

Everidae Sauce goes with everything- eggs, meats, pastas, chips... ANYTHING!


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