Everidae Scratch Bloody

This is an excellent twist on the old classic Sunday morning favorite. Enjoy it, and be sure to share any variations!

Time: ~5min

Serves: 1-2


2 Cups Tomato Sauce

2oz Vodka

1 Tbsp Ketchup

1 Tbsp Olive Juice

1 Tbsp Favorite Everidae

2 tsp Worcestershire Sc

1 tsp Lime Juice

1 tsp Rice Vinegar

1 tsp Horseradish

1 Pinch Dry Dill

Cracked Black Pepper and salt to taste

Pickle spear, olives and celery stick to top.


Place all ingredients in a martini shaker or other sealable container. Shake well. Serve in rocks glass or highball over ice. Garnish well and enjoy!